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About Goldcrest

 GoldCrest Bio was founded in 2020 by Dr. Lynda Tussey and Dr. Jenny Ting.    

The company is developing small molecules and novel strains of gut microbiota for treatment of inflammatory diseases. The lead indication is radiation enteritis, a debilitating inflammatory syndrome that affects up to 80 percent of patients receiving abdominal radiotherapy. Currently, the team is advancing therapies that protect against, or reverse, the gastrointestinal and hematopoietic inflammatory effects associated with these radiotherapies.


The story

Both Pliny and Aristotle wrote of a legendary contest among birds to become the ‘king of birds’ . The title would be awarded to the one that could fly the highest. It was generally assumed the Eagle would win, but as the Eagle began to tire, the tiny GoldCrest who had hidden under the Eagle’s tail feathers emerged to fly even higher and claimed the title. GoldCrest reminds us of the power of  creative and resourceful strategies.

About Us

Lynda Tussey, PHD

Dr. Lynda Tussey serves as the Chief Executive Officer of GoldCrest Bio. She has been a director and executive manager of vaccine and therapeutics development for over 20 years and has successfully managed the transition of products from discovery to clinical stage. Along with her role at GoldCrest Bio she also serves as Partner with Crozet BioPharma, a team of vaccine development specialists. Prior to Crozet, Dr. Tussey was Chief Scientific Officer at VaxInnate Corporation where she oversaw preclinical and clinical development of a novel vaccine platform based on the fusion of vaccine antigens to Toll-Like Receptor ligands. Prior to VaxInnate, Dr Tussey served as a Senior Research Fellow at Merck Research Labs where her research group developed novel T cell-based assays for the evaluation of clinical responses to experimental HIV vaccines. Dr Tussey received her PhD at the University of California-Berkeley where she studied classical and molecular genetics. Her post-doctoral work, at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, focused on molecular mechanisms of T cell immunity. Later, she received a Hitchings Elion Fellowship for the study of T cell immunity at the University of Oxford. She has authored over 40 publications and has multiple issued patents.

Jenny Ting, Phd

Dr. Ting is an internationally esteemed immunologist and a pioneer of innate immunity. She is currently a William Rand Kenan Professor in the Department of Genetics at UNC-Chapel Hill. Dr. Ting’s lab studies innate immune sensors and receptors and their roles in infection, cancer and inflammation. Her group first described the human NLR gene family and went on to uncover the divergent roles of this family in transcriptional activation, cytokine processing, cell death and autophagy. Her group was among the first to show the unexpected finding that NLRP3, ASC and caspase 1/11 protect against colitis and colitis-associated colon cancer and further to show that “inhibitory NLRs”, serve as negative regulators of cell signaling pathways thereby playing an anti-inflammatory role. Recently Dr Ting’s lab has linked iNLRs and the maintenance of a protective microbiome and have shown that specific bacteria can mediate anti-inflammatory functions. Dr. Ting has published over 300 peer-reviewed articles, with many in high impact journals such as Cell, Nature, and Science. She is an inventor on five patents and is on the Board of Directors of the Burroughs Wellcome Fund, American Asthma Foundation, and NIH Board of Scientific Council.

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